School Council

Ormond School Council plays a key role in the school. Its helps develop a vision for the school in collaboration with all members of the school community and is actively involved in the development and endorsement of the School Strategic Plan.

Our School Council consists of 14 representatives including the school principal.There are 8 elected parent members and 4 DET employees, and one Parents & Friends liaison nominee.

Much of the School Council’s work is organised through the four active sub-committees:

  • Finance & Trading Operations
  • Facilities, Environment & Major Projects
  • Education & Policy
  • Communications
  • Parents & Friends

The School Council and its sub-committees worked enthusiastically to develop key strategies and action plans for each group to focus on.When developing these plans the following guiding principles are adhered to:

  • ‘It’s all about the children’
  • The overarching goal for School Council is about improving student achievement for all students – not some, but all
  • Every decision or action must be guided by the health & welfare needs of the students

School Council 2020

Executive Officer

Kerri McLeod


Jo Feather

Vice President

Renee Le Mar


Peter Barton

Sub Committee Council Members

Finance & Trading Operations

Kerri McLeod, Lorrie Dell, Jan Cassidy, Peter Barton

Education & Policy

Lorrie Dell, Courtney Mason, Renee Le Mar

DET Representatives

Kerri McLeod, Lorrie Dell, Courtney Mason, Gregg Workman

Parents and Friends Convenor

Heather Hosken

Parents & Friends

The Ormond Primary School Parents & Friends is an open group of enthusiastic volunteer parents who work with the school leadership and teachers to add to the quality of school life for the children and the school community.

Our key goals are as follows:

  1. To assist in building the participation of parents in the life of the school
  2. To provide an informal forum for discussion of educational and school issues
  3. To support the work of School Council
  4. To assist in fundraising

Parents & Friends regularly organise events and activities for both the parents and the children.

Parents & Friends meets regularly and operates as a sub-committee of the School Council.

Membership is open to all parents of Ormond students.

Before and After School Care

Ormond Primary School offer a Before and After School Care Program and a Holiday Program as well as Curriculum Day Care. These programs are provided in our school hall and grounds where children participate and enjoy a variety of creative as well as outdoor activities.

This service is available to Ormond Primary School children only. If your child does not attend Ormond Primary School, please contact the program on 9578 5826 before completing any forms.

For further information please click on the link or contact our Out of School Hours Co-ordinator, April Kopitz on 9578 5826.


Compass is a web-based School Management System which allows the school to efficiently deliver communication to parents. It allows parents to access the most up-to-date information about our school, events and activities, your child’s progress and any urgent news the school needs to send to parents.

Compass includes many different features, including the ability to:

• Monitor your child’s attendance, and enter an explanation for absence or lateness

• Communicate with your child’s teachers, and update your family contact details (please also notify the office of such changes)

• Download and view your child’s progress and semester reports

• Book parent-teacher conferences

• Pay and provide consent for events and school fees

Compass is accessible on any modern web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) or by using the Compass iOS or Android apps. Search for ‘Compass School Manager’ in the store.

Every family receives a separate login to Compass which will be provided to you by our school.


The Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority ensures that all Victorian schools meets student safety and organisational requirements.

VRQA Registration Document
1. 1 Cover Page VRQA 2014

1.2 Contents Page VRQA 2014

2.1 Ormond PS Profile Statement

2.2 Communication Policy VRQA 2014

2.3 Community Consultation Policy VRQA 2014

3 1 Enrolment Process VRQA 2014

4.1 Curriculum Policy VRQA 2014

4.2 Continuous Improvement Policy VRQA 2014

4.3 School Timetable VRQA 2014

4.4 Scope and Sequence English

4.5 Scope and Sequence Maths

5.1 A Welfare Student Well-Being VRQA 2014

5.1 B Safety Yard Supervision VRQA 2014

5.1 C Student Care First Aid Policy VRQA 2014

5.1 D Additional Information Mandatory Reporting VRQA 2014

5.2 A Welfare Anti-discrimination Equal Opportunity Policy VRQA 2014

5.2 B Safety Excursions & Incursions Policy VRQA 2014

5.2 C Student Care Medication Policy VRQA 2014 5.2

D 2 Additional Information Internet Use Acceptable Use Agreement Years 5 & 6 VRQA 2014

5.2 D Additional Information Internet Use Acceptable Use Agreement P-4 VRQA 2014

5.3 A Welfare Anti-Harassment Policy VRQA 2014

5.3 B Safety School Camp Policy VRQA 2014

5.3 C Arrangements for Ill Students Policy VRQA 2014

5.4 A Welfare Anti-Bullying Policy VRQA 2014

5.4 C Student Care Anaphylaxis Policy VRQA 2014

5.5 A Cyber Bullying VRQA 2014

5.5 C Student Care Asthma Policy VRQA 2014

5.6 A Welfare Parent Complaints Policy VRQA 2014

5.6 C Student Care Injuries to Students Policy VRQA 2014

5C.2b Medication Administration

5C.2c Medication Authority

6.1 Student Discipline Policy VRQA 2014

6.2 Student Engagement & Well-Being Policy VRQA 2014

7.1 Attendance Policy VRQA 2014

8.1 VIT Police Records Check Policy VRQA 2014

8.2 Working With Children Check Policy VRQA 2014